My gut groans with you inside my mind

And in my dreams you’ve passed my lips a thousand times

Diet see you locked behind fridge doors

The diet continues and so do the songs –


Marrow, it’s you I’m looking for?

I need you inside warm pies

I need you with hot fries

You’re all I’ve ever wanted and my mouth is open wide

Cause you know you’re great in satay and you make the best stew

I want to taste you so much, I really do

I long to open bones to see you there

and lick and lick and lick and munch til bones are bare

Sometimes I feel my hunger will overflow

Marrow, you absence hurts me so

Cause I wonder wanna wear you on my chin and I want ya in my hairdo

Are you somewhere feeling lonely? Or is someone chewing you?

Tell me….

I long to see the end of diet and see you there

And Ill chew time and time again then much with Husky flair

Sometimes I feel my stomach so damn hollow

Marrow, oh how I want to eat you so

Cause I wonder where you and I search and dig for you

Are you somewhere feeling lonely? Or is someone chewing you?

Come on mother have a heart and just let me have a chew

Please let me start by saying Mum I love you.

Max woof – please send food.



I’ve grew up Aussie Style


I’ve grew up Aussie Style

I’ve grown up Aussie style, a sun-kissed Wheat-Bix kid,

I’ve played street cricket, broken windows and hid.

I’ve choked on a fly and still been a happy little Vegemite,

I’ve smiled even when the mozzies have started to bite.

I’ve swung from the Hills Hoist then ran from Mums smack,

I’ve learnt that a kid could starve if it wasn’t for Snack Pack.

I’ve made a meal of Nutri Grain and drunk Milk with a Tim-Tam straw,

I’ve lived through summers each hotter than the one before.

I’ve had beer for breakfast and had snag sangers for tea,

I’ve burnt my souls on sand and nearly drowned in the sea.

I travelled to places like Mullumbimby, Goondiwindi and Woolamaloo,

I’ve swatted at Louie and yes I have had a red back on my loo.

I’ve searched the summer night for sleep under a fan,

I’ve been as happy as a pig in shit and been not happy Jan.

I’ve seen the giants of my land, the prawn, banana and the sheep,

I’ve said “she’ll be right” just before I’ve landed in a huge shit heap.

I’ve Slip Slop and Slapped but I’ve forgotten the Aeroguard,

I’ve thrown another prawn on the barbie with mates in the backyard.

I’ve had a Gaytime, cracked a Cornetto and tried every Paddle Pop,

I’ve even had to chuck a sickie after a long night on the Passion Pop.

I’ve gone deaf from cicadas and dealt with the blue arsed fly,

I’ve eaten Pavs and Lammos and poured dead horse on top of a pie.

I’ve done some hard yakka and been flat out like a lizard drinking,

I’ve seen a bogan with a mullet and thought “what the hell was he thinking”.

I’ve said things like “ripper”, “bonza” and “fair suck of the saveloy”,

I’ve melted for day after day, to then greet a wild storm with joy.

I’ve mastered my rites of passage like the full pelt sprint in thongs,

I’ve danced to Acca-Dacca and know the words to John Farnham songs.

I’ve swum at pristine beaches and I’ve smelt eucalypt in the air,

I’ve danced the national dance the “hot sand shuffle” with flair.

I’ve peeled off my skin after long summer days under the sun,

I marvelled at our wildlife and from a few I have had to run.

I’ve grown up in the lucky country, lucky it is peaceful and free,

I’ve now have the great brown land deep inside of me.

I’ve stood for our National Anthem and I’ve screamed oi oi oi,

I’ve grown such pride for my country that nothing could destroy.

I’ve stood under the Southern Cross and been in awe of what I can see,

Cause I’m True Blue, I’m Dinky Di, I am 100 percent proud Aussie.


Mel Murray


I come from the Land Down Under – Husky Style


Running with my Wolluf Blondie

She is real big like a hippy Kombi

We took Reenah, but she is nervous

She’s jumps at any din but then goes fast


You see, we come from the land down under

With a bush full of native wonder

Some are near some a wander

You better run, better to discover


Running when we heard the Rustles

A kangaroo 6 foot four and full of muscles

Spring legs gave him the advantage

He disappeared like me with a vegemite sandwich


And I said we come from the land down under

Where the natives we plunder

Some are near some a wander

You better run, better to discover


Came across koalas along the way

Cranky buggers bite and they won’t play

I said my dino girls come follow me

Other animals next to chase a platy


And they say “A platy oh the wonder”

If it dives we will go under

That platypus will hear our thunder

But he dove too deep and he took cover


But we are living in the land down under

And there is plenty left to plunder

We see a bandicoot try to dig under

We all run but he’s taken cover


Living in the land down under

With my woman we will plunder

Nothing will stop us or take us under

We don’t run we don’t take cover


We are living in the land down under

With my woman we will plunder

What can I hear “shit it’s thunder”

Ok it’s time run and to take cover.

Max Woof




I’m an asshole, yes I am,

Stole mums washing and away I ran.

I’m am asshole, yes I be,

Got on Mum’s bed and did a pee.

I’m an asshole, yes I was,

Why? I’m a goat, so just because.

I’m an asshole, here and now,

Your favourite plants I will plough.

I’m an asshole, now and then,

I fly through windows like a wren.

I’m an asshole for evermore,

Cause I IZ GOAT and I goat lots more in store.

Pippin Von Pip Pip



Just a tasty bone for me

Just a tasty Bone for me

A King may want for his throne,

Me – I just want a tasty bone.

A Lord May want for his Lady,

With just a bone, I am happy.

A leader may want for his people,

I want a bone on which to dribble.

A doctor may want for the sick,

Just give me a bone, nice and thick.

A thief may want for a perfect crime,

I just want a bone to be all mine.

An artist may want for a muse,

Me, a bone will happily amuse.

A singer may want for a band,

I’m happy if I have a bone at hand.

A sailor may want for the sea,

A juicy bone will do little old me.

A poet may want for the perfect rhyme,

Just give me a bone at every mealtime.

Max Woof



I’m in Barney Rubble


Once again I’m deep in Barney Rubble,

Mum came in and burst me bubble.

For this I’ll end up doing bird lime,

Getting caught – Never the perfect crime.

I can see me brought before the Barnaby Rudge,

Off to the Jail he will make me trudge.

The cakes, I was only having a butcher hook,

I swear, it was the Hoover Hound that took.

Mother, my buddy, my best china plate,

You gotta believe Dino Dog, the one that ate.

Mum said “Don’t you dare take the gypsy’s kiss,

The crumbs all over your nose, hard to miss.”

Ok I’m guilty, but this diet has got me Hank Marvin,

Those cakes stopped my gut achin and my back archin.

If you let me off, I promise never again to half inch,

I can be good, a deal this Husky can certainly clinch.

You see jail would do me in – I’d be brown bread,

So let’s forget the theft and how bout a pat instead.

Max Woof



A Monster has arrived.

IMG_1435 (2)A new monster has just arrived,

It’s got lungs that are super sized.

Mum said “another irrational fear”

I’m not convinced I believe the end is near.

From this monster there is no escape,

Has got no shadow, has got no shape.

It slips between my long thick fur,

Making thousands of goose bumps stir.

I’ve ducked and dodged in every way,

It just follows, looks like it’s here to stay.

I hid inside and it rattled on the doors,

I took off on my massive Wolluf paws.

It is so strong it can move the trees,

If I had them – I would fall to my knees.

I begged my mum to make the Monster go,

Mum said “It’s just the wind, it can only blow.”

Keva xo

We have a pet I do not like.

IMG_1435 (2)

We have a pet I do not like,

I wish it would go – take a hike.

It’s eyes do glow a violent red,

It has no legs, not even a head.

It sits and stares across the room,

Waiting to unleash it’s dreaded doom.

It does not move but it hisses,

Goes after my tail and rarely misses,

I said “GET IT OUT” loud and bold,

Mum said “Without the heater we’d be cold.”

We have a pet I do not like,

I wish it would go – take a hike.

It has skin so icy – cold to touch,

It’s super scary – just too much.

It has no eyes or even a nose,

Got no fingers – got no toes.

Mum says “It really has to stay.”

“If so scary – then outside and play.”

I’m torn, I wanna run, I wanna go,

But “the Pet” – “the bowl” contains the cookie dough.

We have a pet I do not like,

I wish it would go – take a hike.

He has a long nose – like an elephant,

He has a hobby – the Keva hunt.

It chases but has no legs at all,

My getaway so fast I always fall.

It has a tail that’s long and thin,

But has no chin, no skin or grin.

Scares me senseless – fills me with the gloom,

The dreaded monster – the devil – That vacuum.

Keva the Diva xo

Aussie Dog’s Pee with Flair


A Husky’s take on the Australian National Anthem.

Aussie Dog hear my voice

for we all need to pee

We’ve golden oil to release on soil

to make our yellow sea

Our land abounds in many sniffs

Of bats and birds and bear

In histories page – dogs at every stage

Aussie dogs pee with flair

Yellow streams, Let us sing

Aussie dog pee with flair


We pee beneath our Southern Cross

We soil across this land

To make this country of ours

Scented best of all the lands

For all those dog across the sea

We’ve boundless trees to share

The scent of many can combine

And we will teach you to pee with flair

Making yellow streams, let us sing

Us Ocker dogs pee with flair

Max Woof 


Ooooooh She smells so good


Always a squeeze

OH she smells soooooo good

When a proud Husky is reduced to the lowest of low. Overpowered by the scent of his huge little sister Keva the Diva (the Irish Wolfhound) while she is in season. Max the Husky’s thoughts cover the days he was held prisoner by the scent of love.


Mum why did you take my balls away

I wish safe inside my sack they did stay

The Diva’s just smelling so damn good

Like the best that any kind of smell could

It smells that bloody great I cannot think

My poetry has even gone on the blink

Waterfall, ferrets and a red wind up train

I cannot centre I’m going flipping insane

Bubbles, cantaloupe and a hole – it’s a well

Nature why make me still react to this smell

I want to ignore it so bad and just walk away

But the divine sweet sniffs makes me stay

She is annoying, lanky and really just a pest

But for now I’m in love – nothing will contest

I will follow and protect her as – SHE’S MINE

Dare to touch her and I’ll go off like a land mine

I will drool, lick, swoon and kiss her pretty face

But don’t dare think about trying to take my place

Then when it’s all over I will simply walk away

And I’ll even ignore her when she wants to play.

Max Sniff Sniff WOOF SNIFFF!!!!!


If my brain hadn’t completely gone to mash

My poetry skill and prowess would totally thrash

At present I’m struggling remembering my name

My mind is locked onto the one and only game

I may being lacking the balls to go with my bat

But that won’t see me defeated and throw in the hat

I’m pig headed, determined and maybe a little brainless

But smelling that sweet smell makes everything painless

So try I will, I won’t let a couple of snips stand in my way

I may not be successful but hell I’ll have fun and fill my day

I just need to come up with a plan – if only my brain could think

Hippos, waterfalls, big red poppies oh and the kitchen sink

Diva, sniff, rainbows, bats and balls, snip snip, jack frost

OMG – my quick wit – my wise thoughts- my poetry are totally lost

See what I mean, that perfume has reduced my brain to a pea

Oh Diva my darling my sweetness – my little Mon Cheri

Where there’s a will there has to be a way – balls or not

If I’m going to be brainless I may as well give it a shot


Just so you know us Huskies never say die

We keep on going we try and try and try

Blank shots maybe the only thing I can give

But ya gotta give it a shot – you gotta live

Baboon, stag, boar, or bull – we are all male

Balls or not that sweet smell don’t go stale

If I can wait for a goanna to come out of a tree

I’ll give this the same shot you wait and see

Oh that smell has wafted up my nostril again

My thoughts – lollipops, canoes, carrot, Penguin


I’ve been reduced to an idiot and a total fool

Howling at the moon while my lips do drool

I’m normally the one covered in Diva’s slobber mess

She can handle some of mine – that’s my guess

I know she’s loving the attention she’s tasting

She’s usually the one doing the all the chasing

Even if I can’t finish what I started – I intend to begin

If by luck I do – In South Africa they will hear me sing


 Even if I have no dangleberries in my purse

I’m a long way off being in the back of a hearse

Pickles, sunflowers – I’ll give this my best shot

Rodeo, sandpit – OH crap I’ve lost the plot

I’m gonna have to try a get this job done

Before my brain melts and starts to run

Turkey, oatmeal – Time to swoon my Mon Cheri

Sniff sniff oh that scent – Yip yip YIPEEEEEEEE


I cannot be held responsible for what I say

My brain gone, left, it just went away

Give Up? That would be like admitting defeat

I will be young and feisty till I fall in a heap

Brawn and youth I will continue to seek

I won’t grow up and I will never be meek

Oh no the Diva has moved and so did the sniff

Ooooo Baby come closer and give me a whiff

The brain is going – tick tick – to late it’s blown

Right out of my left ear – like the coup it’s flown

Rainbows and cherries – a Sulphur Crested cockatoo

Hey sweet baby, let me sing my love song to you



I’m finally free from the overpowering scent of heat

My brain is back – yep Max is back and ready to compete

Even with my mighty strength and superior intelligence

Both are gone out the window with that bloody fragrance

I’m still embarrassed that I found the Diva so delectable

That I tried to romance her – the thought – bloody awful

Well now it’s over I can go back to what I was made to do

Pee on trees, chase big scary goannas and tasty kangaroo

The critters that have lived in peace for the last two weeks

Are about to meet Husky full throttle as my power peaks

I have a forest to reclaim and natives to scare back up trees

Of course the Diva is begging for attention on bended knees

I told her it’s over and she’s back to being my annoying little sis

That I’ll play on my terms again and to get over being a spoilt miss

I have shit to do a places to be – no time for puppy play today

If she’s lucky I’ll give her a nip and shove when she gets in my way

Don’t feel sorry for the Dino Hound she has made my last seven days hell

I intend to enjoy my release from the prison of that “in season” smell.