So what’s it all about?

Aussie Bush Tails

So what’s it all about?

Aussie Bush Tails will take you on a journey into the life of one crazy mixed up pack that lives a life less ordinary. Told from both two and four legged viewpoints – from the sarcastic ramblings of Max the Husky to the dramatics of a Diva Irish Wolfhound living in the bush – nothing is sacred.

Get a taste of life in the Australian bush and a peep into the mad capped life of an Aussie chick that’s well and truly outnumbered by the “four legs” in her pack.

My love of the Irish Wolfhound breed is something that will feature prominently. My last 12 year I have had the honour of having two Irish Wolfhounds walk beside me. I feel compelled to share stories about their loyalty, strength and the total uniqueness that is the Irish Wolfhound. Of course the comical side of sharing your life with a Hound that outweighs you by 25 kilos will be a main feature.

That doesn’t mean that the Husky, Jack Russell and Goat get left out, far from it. Max the Husky has a lot to say and there is no stopping him. Pip the Goat is never far from trouble and is the pun of many a joke. Senior citizen Dozer the Jack Russell might not have a lot to say but when she does everyone listens!

There is no set theme or topic – why have limits? Something is always happening on the farm, good, bad and everything in between. Whatever happens with so many writers under one roof it’s bound to end up in an essay!

So if you don’t take life to seriously and you like to laugh…….I think you’ll enjoy what you find.