Pippin Von Pip Pip


Pippin Von Pip Pip

AGE: 8 moths

BREED: Goat – Even if they call me a Hippo.


I know I am a goat – accepting this fact I believe is optional. Having an Irish Wolfhound, a Husky and a human for BFF’s it’s no wonder I don’t “goat” very well.

My hobbies include, eating things I shouldn’t , jumping on things shouldn’t, breaking into things I shouldn’t and of course looking very cute. Without the cute I would be roast! I love a good costume because let’s face it the cuter I look the more trouble I can get away with. I also enjoy walks in the forest with my pack. I know I’m suppose to “herd” but when you’re surrounded by carnivores being part of the pack seems a lot safer than being the only one in the herd.

Life’s short – you goat to laugh and if I end up the butt of the joke that’s not a baaaaaad thing.

Goat to go