Welcome – After so many request’s I have created this space to share my writing and comic skills (or lack of). I would like to start with saying I write what I live and what I feel. Sometimes I’ll make you cry but most of the time my aim is to make you laugh.

I live on my 150 acres in the middle of 30,000 acres of pristine Australian Bush. I breed fish for a living so I work the land with my dogs (and now goat) by my side 24/7.

How can I describe my writing? Half of me is a sensitive artistic type, the other half is a rough and tumble country girl. Mix that with a twisted sense of humour, throw in an Irish Wolfhound, a Husky, a grumpy old Jack Russel cross and a goat and you get a lot of laughs.

If you’re looking for a piece of perfect literature I’m not the writer for you. I write directly from my heart and my heart feels better than it spells. If swearing offends – look away – I Aussie, I’m a country girl – it’s going to happen. If you like to laugh at life and see things from another’s perspective then you may enjoy what my brain has to offer. If you don’t like what you see – easy – stop reading!!

Oh and by the way if you take life seriously……….you are in the wrong place.

Keva and me