Maxwell Francis


AGE – 7

BREED: Aussie Husky – you know the kind that even look cool in the heat!

What can I say I’m blessed with great looks and a wit that leaves most for dead. If you think life is funny through the eyes of a human then you should see it through mine.

My hobbies include – Long walks in the forest – looking for goannas. Sitting on the hill on the farm – looking for goannas. Riding with my head out of the window of the car – looking for goannas. Sitting under trees – looking for goannas. I also enjoy vet herding and also vet wrestling, a new extreme sport that I hope takes off. In my spare time I write about my adventures and about my pack. I also seem to end up writing A LOT of apology letters to my vet.

My pack is small but complex, I should probably explain that I have a couple of different kinds of dogs in my pack. The hairy variety and those bald (except for that funny tuft on their heads) 2 legged ones. So please let me introduce my Pack.

“Two Legs” – The one they call “my Owner”, He was 15 when I joined the pack. He’s been hard to train but now retrieves balls, gives scratches on demand and brings home the rabbits he hunts like a good boy. He does have a habit of going “walkabout” but he always comes home when he gets hungry enough, or runs out of clean clothes. (yep… he’s one of those dogs that wear clothes)

Mum – “my real owner” Cause let face it she’s the one that feeds and walks me, but I like to keep “Connor boys” confidence up, they train better that way. Mum was 38 when I joined the pack, I know that’s really old!!!! She would be like 250 in dogs years by now!!! But she still gets around good, in fact she’s still an amazing hunter. She has to use that big four wheeled thing to do it, but when she comes back the loot she brings back is amazing. Bones of cows and sheep and chickens. I’m still yet to work out what kind of animals those can things come off, but that just goes to show you what kind of hunter she is, cause she always finds one.

Dozer – one of the hairy ones, was 7 when I came along. I thought she would like me one day, but I’m still waiting. I think it’s a short dog thing, she’s tried for years to eat herself taller but she’s only got wider. There’s not a lot to say about her, she growls, she barks, she bites, she’s a beeeactch!!!

Keva – my first puppy, thought it would be more exciting. You know, you see the pictures in magazines and their all cute and fluffy. pfffht sure!!! Now Keva is a Irish Wolfhound, she’s not my first IW, I’ve had one of those before. Now let me regress and tell you a bit about my first IW Moke. Moke was 5 when I was just a pup and she was one cool chick. She was my best mate, my first true love and the one who taught me all it is to be a dog. Because let’s face it those 2 legged ones only know so much and they shy away from the smelly stuff. I spent years trying to convince Moke we should marry and have puppies but she was a true lady and never gave in to my advances (except for once when she let me make sweet, sweet love to her front leg). Moke left us 2 years ago, Mum said she went to live with Nelson, a pack member from before my time. I missed Moke sooo much and Mum got upset seeing me so sad so we got another IW, and that brings me back Keva. I’ve had Keva for nearly two years and she’s is training up nicely. She drops food and backs up with a “GRRR look command” I’ve taught her and she is slowly learning the fine art of pin point massage, we just need a bit of practice with aim and pressure. Don’t tell anyone, but she’s really starting to grow on me. I’ve been trying to teach her about hunting but the one called MUM has other ideas. I don’t think she likes the idea of us finding her secret stash of elusive “Can” animals.

I should probably tell you a bit more about myself. I am the Alpha dog in my pack, except when Mum, Two Legs or Dozer say otherwise. I don’t know why, but Mum say I’m lucky I’ve made it to 7 years old. I follow her around and ask her over and over and over and over again and she yells you’ll be lucky to make it to your next birthday. So I’m still not sure, but it must be a rare disease that affect only very well spoken dogs. I am a rugged (but handsome) farm dog that spends my days waiting and watching for Goannas, and my neighbour’s dog, cause it came in here once and it might just do it again. My hobbies are barking, protecting soft toys from Keva, barking, chasing lizards, any lizards, their all related to those goanna’s and more barking. My favourite part of the day is when Mum walks out the back door and says those four magic words “ready for a walk?”.

So that’s my Pack…hope you enjoyed the break down. Till next time…Max, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, sorry just can’t help myself, I’m a Husky. WOOF!!!!

max at computer