Where have I been?!?!?!

Well haven’t I been slack of late. Not really but life has taken me on a few twists and turns and my blog has been neglected.

The time of year has come where the fish take over. Fish?!?! Yep I breed fish for a living and in  Australia we are heading into our warmer months, so the fish are starting to stir. So the next few months for me can be a hit a miss with the writing. That doesn’t mean I don’t write I’m just not a prolific as during the colder months.

I post lots of video’s of the fish breeding over the season and lots of summer in the forest videos on my Facebook page. So anyone wanting to keep up on what’s going on, please feel free to send me a friend request @ Mel Murray – the one with lots of fish and hound pictures.

Now to my very sad news – at the beginning of the month I lost my very precious goat Miss Pippin Von Pip Pip – My Wolfhounds best friend in the world and my little shadow. The loss has hit my hound hard so I have been spending lots of time with her trying to life her spirits.

Pip was also the co-star of my book series  The Adventures of Keva and Pip so I have had a lot of thinking and soul searching to do to work out what will happen with the book series.

So I haven’t just given up on the writing thing – Life has just been a bitch and I just trying to keep going.

So on that note it’s back out to fish for the day.

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